Zoë’s expressive voice, arresting and haunting in turn, has been likened to those of Amy Lee, Kate Bush, Enya and Tori Amos. She has performed all over Scotland, collaborated on two previous albums, and enjoyed performing at The Jazz Bar in 2015 with a set of original songs. Her passion is performing and recording her own songs, a heady mix of a wide spectrum of influences from 70s classic rock to acoustic indie, modern pop, symphonic metal, folk, and classical.



My song lyrics cover a mix of themes – common ones you’d expect from a singer-songwriter; joy, love, heartbreak and loss – but I like to think I put across some wisdom too, and don't always take myself seriously. A quirky more playful side comes out here and there, and as I've got older I tend to write about love much less, and more about life. 


Since early years, about nine, I’ve been performing around the Lothians and Edinburgh: pop, folk, world, classical and jazz, besides, increasingly, my own compositions.  My first instrument will always be my voice, and I am self taught on piano since I was 15. Recently though I have been learning the guitar and it has opened up a world of possibilities for performing live, as well as a different way to write. 


My debut EP, Running Through The Dark, is 6 original songs, working with the talented and creative Richard Werner at B&B Studios, Edinburgh. 

"Running Through The Dark" is a line from "Euphoria" on the EP.  To quote Muse (one of my favorite bands of all time!), "I hail from the dark side". My music is tinted with hints of darkness, though I like to balance it with hints of light, too.


You can listen to the EP here on the "My Music" page. It will be available for download via iTunes after its release (date to be confirmed).