Writing music is my greatest passion. I enjoy exploring a broad spectrum of different genres, both in songwriting and instrumental composition. Below are a few examples of my work as a composer from my SoundCloud page.


Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you are a performer yourself looking for a songwriter, or looking for someone to write music, be it for advertisements, film, or anything else. 


Looking forward to hearing from you!  

Additional Composition Info    

Something Exotic


This piece was written for a university assignment, intended to roughly follow the Contemporary Classical style. I decided to incorporate an Eastern element. I enjoyed working with classical musicians for this project. 

Scottish Roots


This piece was written to accompany a short film on the theme of the Scottish Parliament, an exercise in the Music for the Screen Module. 

Childhood Nostalgia


This piece was composed for an assignment designed to take us out of our comfort zones.  I enjoyed experimenting with different soundscapes, with some influences from film  scores.   I chose the subject of childhood, the idea being that we idolise the past as we age, and view these early memories though rose-tinted glasses. The female vocals are my own, along with the spoken vocals and the laughing at the end. 

My Thoughts Are Stars 

I wrote this song for a collaboration project with Edinburgh Napier design student Valeria Leone. Her design installation video was inspired by the quote "My thoughts are stars I can't fathom into constellations" from The Fault In Our Stars.  I explore the theme of being unable to express oneself, whilst musically I attempted  both to emulate the  mood of the story and write something that could have worked in the film. I took inspiration  from Birdy's Not About Angels, one of the film's theme songs. I feature on both vocals and piano. 

The Hands Of Time

This piece explores the theme of the incessant nature of time. The recurring piano riff and ticking of the clock express the idea that though we may occasionally perceive time as slowing down, in reality it marches on. Using the Dorian mode hints at going back to an ancient era, but with the modern twist of a fast tempo and percussion. 

Une Petite Mélodie Française

I wrote this little fragment  during my Music for the Screen module as a potential theme  for a young French girl in a film such as Amélie. This was my first attempt at writing for film.  We were encouraged to be as stereotypical as possible, so bear that in mind upon listening s'il vous plait!